Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Red-Headed Side Is Clumsy

Zach and I went to Abilene this weekend to do our engagement photos. I spontaneously decided to color my hair red...and I mean red red. I like it, but I'll get tired of it fast (and it will fade pretty fast). Then Saturday night we were at a friends house and I stepped in a pothole in their lawn (it was dark-ish and the grass covered it up) and rolled my left ankle. Horrible pain and swelling this morning, I couldn't walk on it, and I was worried about a fracture, so I hobbled to the car and my Mom drove me to the minor emergency. Just a sprain. Or possibly a hairline fracture that doesn't show on the xray. But I got some good pain meds. And I can thank Murphy's Law that this happened the day before I'm switching my schedule to work doubles (16 hours on Monday and Tuesday, and 8 on Wednesday), so now I'm missing 2 shifts instead of just one tomorrow. Geeezzz.


After..., ice, compression, elevation

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