Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I always thought it would be cool to sign up for something like a new email or some online account and get the username ''Tara.'' No numbers. No extra words. Just Tara. But of course, that's always taken. I'd like to meet the person that actually got that username. I hope she's a good representative for all the other Taras out there because she has the only username that could be used to describe all 166,825 of us. Ok well, maybe ''human'' or ''girl'' (hopefully) would also describe all the Taras, but you get what I mean...

Speaking of names, in September my last name will be changing. I went to to look up the stats on my name. Turns out there are 843 people named Tara Jones in the U.S., and only 293 people named Tara Hall. I thought I was switching from one common name to another. I guess I am trading up. Whoo hoo!

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  1. on the one hand i like having a name combination that no-one else has, but that also means repeating and spelling it every time, no matter where i go. i think it's somehow cool that you'll have four letters in each name.

    Thanks for visiting artsy ants, by the way. :)