Thursday, April 21, 2011


I've been wanting a dog for a long time, and now that Zach and I are buying a house (with a big yard) that's actually a feasable thing. I grew up with Huskies and I love them. But they were breed to run. And I want a dog that I can take with me hiking or to the creek and be able to let it off-leash. I decided on an Australian Shephard and I really like the red and white Aussies.

So I took it as a sign when one of my good friends (who's house has turned into something like a Rescue The Animals because of all the strays she picks up haha) found a red and white Aussie stray. His fur was kind of matted, he was pretty skinny, and didn't have a chip. I guess the original owners didn't care too much about him. He's so friendly and minds fairly well (but still needs some teaching). So I will be picking him up in 2 weeks when we move out of the apartment. I'm so excited! His name is Minion.



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