Friday, September 30, 2011

Just Say No

You know what I've never understood? Parking spot vultures. People who circle around and around the parking lot waiting for a close spot to open even though there are several mediocre spaces available. It's a tad ridiculous when a car will stop in the aisle and wait for another person to completely unload their shopping basket, put up the basket, get in their car, and then exit their parking space. First of all, you're blocking the flow of traffic. When you've got cars building up behind you it's time to let it go. Second, you could have just parked 50 feet further and walked; it would have been quicker. And what exactly is the point? ''I'm sure glad I got this close parking spot and didn't have to walk an extra 50 feet. Let's just forget about the fact that an extra 50 feet is pretty insignificant compared to the half a mile I'm about to walk through all the aisles at Wal-Mart.''

Just think about it next time you're tempted to circle the parking lot.

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