Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Jones Removal

Everyone keeps asking me if I feel different after being married. The answer is: Not really. We’ve already made commitments to each other and started a life together; getting married just changed the legality of it.
Honestly, I think the hardest part has been the name change. It doesn’t help that employees at my job are referred to by last name only. Changing my standard phone call response to “Spring 2, this is Hall.” has resulted in many confused replies.  And my maiden name has been the origin of many nicknames: T. Jones, Jonsey, random outbursts of Mike Jones rap parodies (“Tara Jones: Who?? Tara Jones!!”) and even the name of this blog. Jones has become more than just a name; it has become interwoven in many different facets of my life.
I briefly considered hyphenating the names. I ultimately decided not to based on two things: 1. I didn’t want to offend Zach, and 2. My favorite number is 8 and Tara Hall is a perfectly balanced 8 letter name. I realize that #2 is ridiculous.
In coming to terms with my new handle, I’m using my innate ability to see things on the positive side. The name change is a symbol of the new chapter that I’m starting in my life: marriage. It’s time to part ways with the old and start on the new. Another upside: I’ve become ever-so-slightly more unique. A howmanyofme.com search for “Tara Jones” turns up 844 people, but there are only 293 “Tara Hall”s. And Jones isn’t gone forever; it’s still my maiden name.
But I refuse to change the name of my blog :)

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