Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Phil In The Circle

Phil Hanson is an artist that I recently discovered on YouTube. He makes unconventional art and posts videos of the making of his creations. I'll post a couple of the videos. The first one is a replica of the Mona Lisa using the grease from fast food as a medium. The second of painting of Lance Armstrong that was made using a tricycle. And the 3rd is from a collection he calls ''Goodbye Art.'' The art is made in a non-traditional medium and then destroyed, leaving only the video as evidence of the art creation. Really cool and amazingly unique. You can check out more at philinthecircle.com


  1. Neat! The tricycle thing looks like so much fun and the result is amazing!

  2. Those are amazing. Makes me feel like I need to think of more unconventional ways to be creative. That guys sure is unique and quite talented! Thanks for sharing. <3