Thursday, May 3, 2012

DIY Dining Chair Makeover

Matching hasn't always been a priority of mine. I don't have a matching set of dishes or towels. Instead I've chosen each dish and each towel individually (you can see some of my dishes in the picture). I just pick things I like. And it just kind of goes together. So I decided that I didn't want my dining chairs to match either. I went to thrift stores and picked out 6 dining chairs that had been lost from their mates and just needed a little love. I gave them all a good sanding, a coat of fresh white paint, and new seat covers. And voila! My one-of-a-kind dining chairs. (I ordered the table online and it said it would fit 6 chairs. I guess I should have looked at the dimensions because this is not a 6 seater. But it will work for now.)




  1. Your chairs look lovely! Shame about the table being too small for 6 chairs, perhaps you can find a bigger table at a thrift store and give that your special treatment too

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  3. Hi! I love these chairs and am looking to do something similar, but wondered how you did the seat covers? I know how to recover a seat that is already covered, but how did you make covers for the ones that didn't have one to start with? I would appreciate any advice on this, thanks soo much!!